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PEGO - Concept, Design & Implementation



The Prototype ( HTML5 Canvas )

You can play the prototype version of PEGO ( HTML5 and JavaScript ) in the window below.
Use the mouse or the keyboard ( arrow-keys and the enter button ) to play.


Click here if you want to play the game in a separate window.



The Concept

PEGO is a 2-player, turn-based, territorial-acquisition game of pure-strategy. A pure-strategy game is a game such as Chess or Draughts where nothing is hidden from the players and nothing is left to chance.

The idea for PEGO initially began as a variation of Tic-Tac-Toe ( "Naughts & Crosses ) I was testing using paper-prototyping. I was trying to develop a version that incorporated more than 2 players when I realised I needed a way for a player to 'attack' an opponent's pieces already on the board. I came up with a core-mechanic and tested it thouroughly, adding and changing rules to balance the gameplay including the introduction of a 'king' piece.

PEGO currently has a solid and simple set of rules and is easy to pick up, yet difficult to master. A game of PEGO typically lasts 10-45 minutes with players making a total of 15-45 turns. Each turn takes on average 15-90 seconds depending of the complexity of the board. It's a lot easier to deduce the state of the board in PEGO compared to Chess but there are more possible moves due to each turn consisting of 3 parts ( explained in the tutorial section of game above ) making it a challenge to plan more than a few moves ahead.



The Design

I wanted the design of PEGO to reflect the traditional style of gameplay. I used traditional materials ( wood & paint ) but simplified the shapes and chose bold contrasting colours to give it a contemporary feel.

PEGO - first wooden prototype
PEGO - photograph of first wooden prototype ( used excessively for early play-testing )

There has been a lot of good feed back regarding the aesthetics of the board and the rules of play. I have since registered the design of the board and registered the name PEGO as a trademark. I'm in the process of developing a Unity version of PEGO that I will use as part of a KickStarter campaign for the PEGO board game.

If you have any queries regarding PEGO, contact me via the contact link at the top of the page, otherwise I will update this page when I have news regarding the KickStarter campaign.