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Games Eden Gaming Festival 2015 - Displacement



The Game

Our team of five from London Metropolitan University were given 48 hours to produce a game based on the theme of "displacement". We created a game called "Eureka" in which you control a penguin and have to push enough blocks into the water to meet the quota. Click on the window below to start playing.

Click here if you want to play the game in a separate window.

If you are having problems playing the game through the Unity WebGL Player window you can download standalone desktop versions using the following links:



If you have an Android device, you can download the apk file for installation using the following link:



The Gamejam

I was part of a team of 5 students that represented London Metropolitan University at the 2015 Games Eden Gaming Festival. Our team consisted of 3 programmers ( myself included ) and 2 artists. I was elected as the team leader and was responsible for keeping the project on track during the 48 hour competion period.

Before we were given the theme, we brainstormed potential ideas we could implement. We tried to think up flexible core-mechanics that we could to adapt to many themes. Once we were given the theme of "displacement" we spent 1-2 hours as a team deciding on the type of game we were going to produce and our responsiblilities on the project.

We decided to build upon a sliding-puzzle mechanic we discussed in the brainstorming session and integrated the displacement element into the design. The game would incorporate movable blocks that could be pushed into water in order to complete the level. We designed ice blocks that would float and metal blocks that would sink and designed a few scenarios in which the properties of these different block types could be useful.

We also considered a water level that would rise as blocks were pushed into the water. This would cause different areas of the level to be above or below water and could make for some interesting puzzles. We later abondoned the water raising element because the 3D puzzle element would result in the levels taking a lot longer to design.

London Metropolitan team at Games Eden 2015
The team from left to right; Andrew Braid, Zion Siton, Matthew Isteed, Michal Chmielewski, Alex Owen

We allocated the tasks for the project as follows:


Zion Siton - Programmer


Michal Chmielewski - Artist


Matthew Isteed - Artist


Andrew Braid - Programmer


Alex Owen - Programmer


On the whole, it was a successful competition for us as were shortlisted in the top 6 from over 25 university teams and gained invaluable experience working as a team in a pressurised environment.