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Final Year Project 2015 - Game Prototype Development



The Prototype

The aim of my final year project was to develop a game prototype using the Unity Game Engine that would appeal to mobile/casual gamers with a focus on core-gameplay mechanics. Click on the Unity WebGL Player below to start playing.

Click here if you want to play the game in a separate window.

If you are having problems playing the game through the Unity WebGL Player window you can download standalone desktop versions using the following links:



The Project Process

The final idea for the prototype's concept was based on research into current game design trends in the mobile gaming industry. This meant looking at what makes for a successful game design in general ( core-mechanics, level design ) as well as looking at various ways in which mobile games are currently being monetised ( freemium model ).

After the initial research period, I brainstormed games ideas that were based around a core-mechanic, taking into account how they may be monetised and their suitability for the mobile platform. I then created a rapid prototype to test how those game mechanics would feel.

Once I was happy with the core-mechanic in the rapid prototype, I went about re-structuring the project for both optimisation and expandability. This meant looking into the pros and cons of using Unity's inbuilt collision-detection system and physics engine as well as exploring several structuring possibilities such as Model-View-Controller, Object-Oriented-Programming and Composition versus Inheritance.

I then turned my attention to level design in order create a few levels that would showcase the core-mechanic. I created a small playable demo and a short questionaire in order to get some feedback on the prototype to help with any future development.

Since submitting the final year project to my University, I have begun further development on the project by collaborating with a game developer. We have already fleshed out the theme for the game and have planned project development targets for the next three months. I will post another article about the progress of this project in the near future.